Bank lot gets clean up with Tree Shock

Sometimes business is just right in front of you. Will Langman of Langman Wildlife visits his bank regularly, in the town of Terre Haute, Indiana. He noticed the huge amount of bird droppings on their lot. Will had a bold plan; he offered to install Tree-Shock Bird Repellent System on two trees, no cure no pay. 

Controlling pest birds in trees has been an unwieldy and impractical process. Tree shock is very effective since it produces a harmless but memorable shock along the tree’s branches. Tree shock is a UV stabilized construction, PVC tubing and stainless steel wire, which is easy to mount and connect.


The bank took Will Langman up on his offer, and he got to work. 


‘We installed the Tree shock on the weekend, on two trees”, says Will Langman. “The city has a bird problem in general. Yearly about 175,000 birds land down in the city. So far nothing is done, other than cutting trees.”

It turns out the Tree shock is working very well in keeping birds from the tree. See below the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.



The bank is impressed with the results.  ” Normally, the bank power washes the lot every week. With Tree Shock, this frequency of power washing can go down substantially, saving the bank money”, according to Will.

Will got paid, and he will meet with the bank to discuss more installations of Tree Shock.

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