Tree Shock

Bank lot gets clean up with Tree Shock Sometimes business is just right in front of you. Will Langman of Langman Wildlife visits his bank regularly, in the town of Terre Haute, Indiana. He noticed the huge amount of bird Read more

Raccoon Removal in Terre Haute

Terre Haute Raccoon Removal Over the years, wild animals have caused considerable damages to homes in Terre Haute. The wild animal species which include: raccoons, skunks, several species of snakes and bats and many more contaminate the domestic environment and Read more

Bat Bug Removal – Terre Haute, Indiana

Here we go again: bat bugs confirmed! Sadly, these have become commonplace in the Wabash Valley. From this point forward, we’ll now be including treatment for bat bugs in all bat removal quotes.

Rat Removal – Terre Haute, Indiana

We really think this was someone’s pet at one time. He was removed from a local garage. We checked with all the surrounding homes, but nobody claimed him.

Bat Removal – Terre Haute, Indiana

You can see the colony of bats that had taken up residence in this home. We were able to clean out the home and do the work to prevent the infestation from coming back.